Galvanized Slitted Sheets

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Galvanized sheets are used in the shutters and blinds of shops and stores, in prefab construction, in roofings and cladding, for silo and depot construction, in the ventilation industry, the heater industry and different sections of industry.

  • Because of its high corrosion resistance and ease in painting Galvanized sheets are the best material for use in the Automotive sector. This material is used by the Automotive sector for the making of the interior and exterior surface parts and because of its corrosion resistance gives them lifetime guarantee.
  • In the construction sector galvanized sheets are used for many things after they are shaped into the right shape such as roofings, interior and exterior surface panels or as sandwich panels. Because of its long lifespan it is also used for white appliance making (in the interior parts non-colored and on the surface parts colored sheets are used) and ventilation systems.