History of Solar Energy

History of Solar Energy

The use of solar energy dates back to ancient times. People have many benefits such as heating by using the Sun, lighting up, and getting efficiency from the soil.

We can say that the use of the sun as an energy consciously dates back to 400 BC. Socrates encouraged the house facades to look at the sun and made use of heat and light. In the 1600s, when Galileo found the lens, a different point was reached in the use of the Sun. In 1725, a solar-powered water pump was invented by Belidor. In this way, it has been possible to produce a vehicle depending on solar energy. The question of when solar energy was found is based on such ancient information. A study conducted in France is the production of a steam engine in the 1860s. Mohuchok, who invented a steam engine based on solar energy, received help from parabolic mirrors in this invention. At the same time, he carried out some studies on solar pumps and solar stoves. To draw attention to the use of mirrors in solar energy; It can be given as an example that there are too many mirrors in old palaces. The biggest reason for the interest in solar energy in the historical process is the oil crisis in the 1960s. After this crisis, alternative energy sources were sought and it resulted in people getting their needs from different sources. In terms of obtaining solar energy, it is important that it is both large and strategically does not create any problems between countries.

Solar Energy in Turkey

Inventions and uses for solar energy have also gained importance in Turkey. Since it is an independent energy source, increasing the use of this energy by countries is important for their own interests. The first national congress on solar energy in Turkey was held in 1975. Prior to this, this energy was accepted as an alternative energy source in 1960. Studies have increased since then, and the knowledge and activities in this field have increased with the work of experts and universities. With the importance of solar energy for the state and industry, the interest in this field has increased in Turkey.

The fact that the question of when solar energy was found dates back to quite old times, but the use of this energy with today’s technologies has not been at a time when we can say that it is very old. However, it has developed rapidly and came to the fore with the first passive solar energy application made by the Middle East Technical University in 1975. Apart from this, studies on this energy source continue intensively in educational institutions such as ITU, Aegean University and Yildiz Technical University. Solar Energy Institute was established at Ege University in 1978. We can say that between 1977 and 1985, projects were carried out to meet the need for heat. Established in 1985 within the body of TÜBİTAK, Ankara Electronic Research and Development Institute has supported studies on the design and production of solar cells. Since 1982, the Electrical Works Survey Administration has supported the use of all renewable energy sources in general. Since 1992, the International Solar Energy Association has continued to work and use this energy in Turkey with the permission of the state.

Solar Energy and Nature

The fact that energy resources are depleting and on the one hand, the population is increasing rapidly has accelerated the stage of finding and using solar energy. Although the answer to the question of When Did People Find Solar Energy dates back to ancient times, it is technically quite a new formation. In addition to the need, its greatest benefit is that it meets the needs of people without any harm to nature.