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Ak Birlik; dedicated to providing the best service, commits to honesty and respect for its employees, business partners, and the country, guided by the principle of doing what is right.
Ak Birlik operates with a professional team capable of meeting the demands and needs of its customers in the best possible way. With half a century of experience since 1976, Ak Birlik engages in qualified activities in the Iron and Steel sector.
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Progress with the Principle of Reliability

Who are we?

While preserving the excitement of our first day, we will continue to be active in the iron and steel sector with our team, which improves itself every day, and a strong work ethic, providing quality services. Established with its own capital, Ak Birlik set out with the aim of offering the best conditions and quality of service to the Iron and Steel sector and contributing to the country’s economy. 

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With our R&D activities and high tech ve create the best product.

Sustainable Energy

We protect our nature and energy with our Rooftop Solar Panels.


We execute swift partnerships to meet your needs through fast delivery.

Work Health
and Safety

We value our colleagues as much as we value nature.

Customer Satisfaction

We respond to all requests of our valued business partners as quickly as possible.

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İhracat Gelişimi

Demir ve demir dışı metaller sektörü, Türkiye ihracatından yüzde Akbirlik 1,2’lik pay aldı.


Çevre dostu ve adil üretimle yarattığımız temiz çevresel etkiyi tüm dünyaya ulaştırmayı hedefliyoruz.


Sürdürülebilir bir markanın olmazsa olmazı uzun ömürlü ürünler için kaliteden ödün vermeden çalışıyoruz.

1976'da <br> Kuruldu
1976'da <br> Kuruldu
ak birlik

Renewable Energy Livable Planet

We support environmentally friendly and fair production with the solar panels on our roof, multiplying our clean environmental impact and striving for a sustainable world.
Clean Energy

We do not emit greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, do not consume fossil fuels, and utilize 100% clean and renewable energy through solar power.

Clean Future

We contribute to preventing serious threats to the environment and human health such as climate change, extreme weather events, and ecosystem changes with our system that reduces carbon footprint.


Blog & News

You can follow Ak Blrlik developments and news from the Blog & News section.

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